Fundraising for the team takes on many forms. Some benefit the team to help offset costs, others help provide help to jumpers to offset travel costs for competitions.  Fundraising activities vary from year to year and may include the following:

  • Bottle Drives
  • Cobbs Bread at Royal Oak and Millstream
  • Funscript Gift Cards
  • Mother’s Day Flower Baskets
  • Composted Soil
  • Level Ground Coffee

Country Grocer Receipts  Program:  Save your grocery receipts and give them to your jumper to bring to Monday Practice. They get $5 Hopper Bucks for every receipt handed in and Country Grocer will donate a portion of the total sales of the receipts collected. You can ask family and friends to save their receipts for you as well. There is no limit to the number of receipts that your jumper can submit, the amount received from Country Grocer, and receipts from any Country Grocer from Cobble Hill south are eligible!

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