Demos & Performances

Our demonstrations are usually about 30 minutes long and involve all aspects of jump rope from single rope freestyle routines, to double dutch speed, to large group triangle routines, and just about everything in between! Our jumpers, who range in age from 9 to 19, really look forward to being able to jump in front of other students, community members, and friends and have fun spreading the word about the sport of jump rope through these kinds of performances.

Please keep in mind that because jump rope is a high-impact sport, we prefer to jump in a large, open, indoor space (such as a gym) because our ropes can take quite a beating from jumping on the concrete, as do the jumpers' joints. That being said, we do also perform outdoors at festivals, markets, and schools. In order for us to be able to jump outside, we require a flat, even surface clear of all debris (gravel, leaves, grass, etc.), a plug and extension cord for music, and enough room to jump without hitting any audience members (this really puts a damper on the experience for everyone involved). If you would like more information, and/or would like to request a time for a demonstration, please go to the “Contact Us” section on this website to ask for a demonstration.  Thank you for your interest in the Island Hoppers Jump Rope Team!

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