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Where When & What Time Group Season
Royal Oak Middle School Monday Regular Practice     6-8pm Competitive & Recreational  September-June
Royal Oak Middle School Thursday Regular Practice     6-8pm Competitive only September-June
TBC Tuesday Strength Training      TBC Competitive only TBC
TBC Saturday Regular Practice 9:30 - 11:30am Competitive only January - May

We require 10 months of post dated cheques (or equivalent in cash if preferred) at the start of the skipping year.  JRBC and RSC fees are included in this monthly fee.  Although the team pays for registration fees (for Competitive members only) to attend any competitions/camps or clinics, parents are responsible for the travel costs to/from these events. 

  • Competitive (Advanced & Intermediate) $100
  • Recreational / Non-Competitive Junior $65
  • Recreational / Non-Competitive Novice $55


Registration occurs the September 12th for both Competetive and Recreational for the September through June skipping year in the Royal Oak Middle School Gymnasium.   It is required that participating skippers have a completed registration package before they are allowed to skip. Those interested in joining our team can get a registration package from our head coach, Kim Stewart by filling out the “Contact Us” page.   ** 2022/23 season has started but let us know if you are interested in joining!

Contact Us



It is the expectation of our coaching group that all skippers show up to practice on time, ready to work hard and have fun.  We expect that each skipper respects their fellow teammates, coaches and any parents in the gym during practice.  Jumpers are responsible to bring their rope(s) and water bottle to each practice as well wear good lace up runners, shorts, t-shirt (deodorant if necessary!) and have their hair tied back.  They are also responsible for any IH Bucks they earn throughout the year.     


There is little equipment needed for the sport of Jump Rope.  Every jumper MUST wear lace up runners – USED FOR JUMP ROPE ONLY. Sometimes the help of a knowledgeable salesperson is necessary – each jumper’s foot is different and there are different shoe brands that suit narrow feet as opposed to those with little arch etc.  This salesperson will measure both feet, watch the jumper walk without shoes on and then suggest the best specific shoe brand. Shoes should have forefront cushioning and good support. Ropes are available through the coaching team - some types are earned depending on skill level. A team bag is supplied to each jumper so that this equipment can be kept together and in good shape. We ask that our skippers bring a large bottle of water with them to practice to help keep them hydrated.

Parent Requirements:

We require all parents of Competitive jumpers to become certified Judges (Speed/Creativity/Difficulty).  Judge certification sessions are offered at the JRBC Fall Camp and Spring Training session. It is mandatory that parents judge at Competitive Events our team participates in. AT LEAST ONE PARENT FROM EACH FAMILY MUST BECOME A CERTIFIED JUDGE and must attend competition with their jumper.

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