Is this sport only for girls?  
Although we have many girls in the sport of jump rope, we also have boys and are always looking to bring more males into the sport.  

Is jump rope a real sport or just a hobby?
Jump rope is a real sport with competitions held at the provincial, national and world level.  Currently, there are five teams in British Columbia with approximately 100 members.  The provinces of BC, Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia have active teams.  

Is there special equipment needed for jump rope?
Your jumper will need a good pair of lace up running shoes that support the arch and heel that are only used for jump rope. Different types of ropes are provided by the team. 

Can my child be a competitive skipper if they can only make 2 of the 3 practices a week?
Unfortunately, no they cannot. Because the jumpers are on teams and need to practice with each other your jumper needs to attend practice for all three sessions.  

I thought this was a jump rope team so why do competitive jumpers have weight training on Tuesdays?
Our weight training session focuses on our jumpers building up their strength so that they can remain strong and uninjured throughout the year. We have found that weight training has helped our jumpers attain their jump rope goals.  

Why do the skippers have their hair braided?
French braids help to keep the jumper’s hair out of their face and ropes.  It is mandatory for jumpers to braid their hair in competition but when we are at practice most jumpers use ponytails to keep their hair under control.

Is there an age limit in the team?
Jumpers can start with the Island Hoppers at the age of 6.  There is no upper age limit in our sport.  In fact, some adult coaches compete in their own age category at our competitions which is always an inspiring event.  Currently we have jumpers from the age of 6 to 22 on our team.

What type of footwear would you recommend for jump rope?
A good, tie up running shoe with firm support and forefront cushioning is recommended for jump rope.  We ask that these shoes be different than the ones your child takes to school for P.E.  If you take your jumper to an athletic store, a clerk will be able to analyze your child’s feet and walk and suggest a shoe that will support their feet for this high impact sport. 

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