Sharon Cowden photo

Competitive Coach

Sharon Cowden

I have been involved in the Jump Rope community for the past 13 years. My involvement started out as a parent volunteer and judging at the Provincial and National Level and supporting my daughter, as she pursued her goal of making it to the Worlds Jump Rope championship in 2010.  Even after my daughter achieved that goal and decided to move on from the sport I continued to dedicate my time in the gym.  Coaching the jumpers of all ages and watching the team spirit as they develop their jump rope skills and grow into confident athletes, has been a pleasure to watch.

Nicole Haas photo

Competitive Coach

Nicole Haas

My involvement in the Island Hoppers started 14 years ago, after I saw one of their demonstrations at my elementary school. Shortly after that, I joined the Recreational Club (as it was once called!). It was then off to the competitive team where I competed at a regional, provincial, and national level  for 10 years. In 2011, I was first introduced to the world of coaching; I was still competing at the time, but found that my interests no longer lied in choreographing and perfecting my own routines and beating my own personal bests, but in watching and helping other jumpers succeed. I love experiencing the moments when routines that I create for jumpers slowly transform into something that is both mine and theirs at the same time. For the past few years I have had the amazing opportunity to choreograph our team's large group routines, which usually help to qualify our jumpers for Nationals. This is one of my favourite events to work on because I really feel as though it exemplifies what the sport itself is all about: cooperation, awareness of teammates in the gym, hard work, dedication, and above all else, the jumpers willingness to keep coming back time and time again to perfect new skills.

Kim Stewart photo

Head Coach

Kim Stewart

This will be my 8th year being involved with the Island Hoppers!  My daughter was involved with the recreational team for her first year and has been competing ever since. I have been coaching on the Recreational Team for the past 4 years. This year, I am excited for the challenge of helping to coach our competitive girls to reach their goals and encourage them to do their best.  It is such a pleasure to volunteer with such an amazing group of coaches and parent helpers. It fills my heart to be a part of such an amazing team!

Leah Haas photo

Head Coach

Leah Haas

I've been involved with the Island Hoppers for 13 years. I started coaching the non-competitive team in 2006 and then moved to coaching our competitive jumpers in 2009.  The sport of jump rope is unique in that it allows jumpers to excel both in a team environment as well as individually. Our jumpers have incredible determination to succeed; they bring passion to the sport and consistent encouragement to their teammates. I love watching each one of them learn new tricks and continually exceed their personal goals.  

Tresa Marshall photo

Recreational Coach

Tresa Marshall

I have been involved with Island Hoppers in various roles since my daughter joined the team ten years ago. After helping out at practices as a parent helper for a couple of years, I started helping to coach the non-competitive members. This is my fifth year coaching and I love the positive atmosphere and encouragement that comes out in all our team members.

Jennifer Ho photo

Recreational Coach

Jennifer Ho

Our family has been involved with the Island Hoppers for since 2007 when our daughter Jessica joined the recreational team.  What I love so much about the Hoppers is the sense of team that exists.  All of the jumpers support one another and are excellent examples of positivity.  Working with the recreational team I get to see where the jumpers start at and it is so amazing to see them learn and grow in the sport.  Kids who could barely get the rope under their feet in September are doing speed, double unders and tricks by May!  

Shannon Schaafsma photo

Recreational Coach

Shannon Schaafsma

My name is Shannon Schaafsma, and I have been 'officially' helping with the non-competitive skippers  since September 2015.  When our good friends first introduced the sport of skipping to my and my husband's youngest daughter in June of 2011, we were (pleasantly) hooked, and have been ever since! Our daughter and friend’s daughters have now been skipping competitively since September 2012.

Volunteering with the Island Hoppers brings me so much joy; the coaches have always modeled positive encouragement with hard work ethics, and the skippers model that ethic to each other as well! That's encouraging to see. It has been fun getting to know each of the skippers, and helping them achieve their goals.  I am learning so much about this energetic sport and look forward to watching it grow! 

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